Certification Quiz
Print this quiz, complete it, and bring it to the next puppy meeting in order to become a certified puppy sitter.

PROUD Puppy Hunt                                                                                                              You must earn at least 300 points in order to be eligible to raise a puppy!

Monthly Report Guidelines
Puppy Raisers should use these questions as a guideline when sending your monthly report.

Campus Permission Sheet
If living on campus, you must have this form complete with all signatures to house a puppy in your room.

Email Template for Professors
Prior to taking a puppy to class please ask your professor.  This is a template you can use – just fill in the blanks!

Off Campus Housing Permission Letter
You will need your landlord to sign the document in order to approve your housing

Primary Raiser Address Form
Primary raiser must fill out this form in order to get a dog

New Member Meeting PowerPoint
New members can use this power point to help them find the answers to their puppy quiz

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