Our Current Puppies

Below is a list of all of our puppies currently in the club. If you need puppy sitting hours or are just interested in watching one of them you can contact the primary raiser.

Sex & Breed: Male Labrador Retriever
Birthday: 12/22/21
Fun Fact: “Zeus’ favorite toy is a rubber football that he will bring you anytime you ask for a toy!!”
Raiser: Kaitlin S.

Sex & Breed: Female Labrador Retriever
Birthday: 12/25/21
Fun Fact: “Avanti gets so wiggly when she gets excited, sometimes her tail sounds like a drum when it taps against the floor!”
Raiser: Taylor

Sex & Breed: Female Golden Retriever
Birthday: 4/7/22
Fun Fact: “Prairie’s mom was also raised in PRoUD!”
Raiser: Kim

Sex & Breed: Male Golden/Labrador Cross
Birthday: 5/20/2022
Fun Fact: Vincent loves to cuddle up next to someone on a fuzzy blanket!
Raiser: Lauren M

Sex & Breed: Female Sabled German Shepherd
Birthday: 7/16/2022
Fun Fact: “Ginger loves trying to swim in her water bowl!”
Raiser: Kylee M


Sex & Breed: Female Golden/Labrador Retriever
Birthday: 8/6/22
Fun Fact: “Ivy thinks she is a bunny when she is excited and will hop to you!”
Raiser: Sydney P.


Sex & Breed: Male Labrador Retriever
Birthday: 8/24/22
Fun Fact: “Lenny loves to look at himself in the mirror and give himself kisses”

Raiser: Sara B.


Sex & Breed: Female Golden/ Labrador Retriever
Birthday: 9/6/22
Fun Fact: Qantas enjoys chewing on her bones underneath the coffee table!
Raiser: Danielle C.


Sex & Breed: Female Labrador Retriever
Birthday: 9/9/2022
Fun Fact: Ruby likes to kneed blankets as if she is making biscuts!”
Raiser: Jasmine Z.


Sex & Breed: Male Golden/Labrador Retriever
Birthday: 10/24/22
Fun Fact: Eddie likes to follow people around and sit by their feet!
Raiser: Sam G.


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