Our Current Puppies

Below is a list of all of our puppies currently in the club. If you need puppy sitting hours or are just interested in watching one of them you can contact the primary raiser.

Sex & Breed: Male Golden/Labrador Cross
Birthday: 3/3/2021
Fun Fact: “Tuffy loves to cuddle with his unicorn and chase his big brother’s tail!”
Raiser: Lauren W

Sex & Breed: Male Golden/Labrador Cross
Birthday: March 29th, 2021
Fun Fact: “He loves squeaky toys and walks around squeaking them or lays on the ground to squeak them!”
Raiser: Kaitlin

Sex & Breed: Female Golden/Labrador Cross
Birthday: 4/4/2021
Fun Fact: “Eva is all black, but has a little white patch of fur on her chest!”
Raiser: Nicole

Sex & Breed: Male Labrador Retriever
Birthday: 9/25/21
Fun Fact: “Quimby loves to snuggle with anyone that sits on the floor with him!”
Raiser: Sam G

Sex & Breed: Female Labrador Retriever
Birthday: 12/25/21
Fun Fact: vanti gets so wiggly when she gets excited, sometimes her tail sounds like a drum when it taps against the floor!”
Raiser: Taylor

Sex & Breed: Female Golden Retriever
Birthday: 4/7/22
Fun Fact: “Prairie’s mom was also raised in PRoUD!”
Raiser: Kim

Sex & Breed: Male Golden/Labrador Cross
Birthday: 5/20/2022
Fun Fact:
Raiser: Lauren M


Baby C

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