Upcoming Meetings & Events

Below you will find a list of our events for the Fall of 2019.  We meet on the first Tuesday and third Sunday of every month. An asterisk (*) next to an event indicates a time we will be collecting donations for our ongoing Pennies for Puppies Fundraiser.


1743 Welcome Days: August 25th from 6-7 pm, North Green

Student Involvement Fair: August 26th from 1-4pm, Central Green

Special Election: September 1st, TBD

Interest Meeting: September 3rd at 7pm, Trabant Theatre

Club Meeting: September 15th at 7pm, TBD

Club Meeting: October 1st at 7pm, TBD

Club Meeting: October 20th at 7pm, TBD

Club Meeting: November 5th at 7pm, TBD

Club Meeting: November 17th at 7pm, TBD

Club Meeting: December 3rd at 7pm, TBD


Pennies For Puppies Fundraiser
In 2012, P.R.O.U.D decided to start a Pennies for Puppies fundraiser to help raise money for The Seeing Eye.  The Seeing Eye is a philanthropy that receives contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Because all administrative and fundraising expenses are covered by the endowment, every dollar of every donation goes to support the school’s programs.  The cost to The Seeing Eye for just one dog/owner partnership is about $68,000.  As puppy raisers, the majority of our costs are covered by The Seeing Eye.  A blind person only pays $150 for his/her first dog, and $50 for each dog thereafter.  The $150 a blind person pays includes their round-trip transportation from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, room and board during the 20-to-27 day training period at the school, the dog, its initial equipment, the student’s instruction with the dog, and any follow-up services the graduate may need once he/she returns home for the life of the partnership.  You may contact any executive board member if you would like more information or want to  make a donation.

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